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July signals the end of planting season with all of the new plant additions safely tucked into the garden beds. The next step is to mulch around the plants in order to cut down on time spent watering and weeding. If you’re looking for a better alternative to inferior bagged mulches offered by the mass merchants, try one of Coast of Maine’s enriching mulches. Inexpensive bagged mulches are often not aged long enough and can rob nitrogen from your soil and plants. Dark Harbor and Fundy Blend enriching mulch contain fully composted dark bark that is safe to use on your garden beds. Fundy Blend has the addition of kelp meal which adds valuable micro-nutrients and helps to retain moisture in the soil. The compost portion of these enriching mulches will condition the soil and add much needed organic nutrients while the bark portion will suppress weed seed germination, retain moisture and prevent soil erosion. Two products in one bag! Click here to find an independent garden center near you that carries Coast of Maine enriching mulches.  By Sue Lavallee



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