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Spring is really, actually, truly happening!

That means amorous frogs are chirping, the perennials are popping, buds are swelling, and you want to get out there and join the festivities. Well, here come some ideas to get your garden up to speed and perking along. Spring is probably the only time of year when rushing around with wheelbarrows of compost feels like so much fun. So, get your muscles in gear for the spring fling!

Get Ready, Get Set, Fling the Food!

What’s more fulfilling than feeding your soil? Witnessing the instant gratification of frisky perennials sprouting vigorously from the ground makes all those trips with the wheelbarrow so worthwhile. Grab your shovel and be ready for action, because you don’t want to deprive yourself of that satisfaction. When you add compost to the soil, you are doing more than just handing out vitamins to our soil, you are building up the soil structure. It’s like giving your soil a healthy diet plus a healthy lifestyle.

The garden is just waking up, so this is the perfect time to serve up the compost. Soil amendments are easier to apply when sprigs are still in their developmental stages. Whether you go with Coast of Maine’s Schoodic Blend Organic Composted Manure or Quoddy Blend Organic Compost with Lobster & Crab, you are building your soil’s muscle and physique. Early in the season, it’s easy to just fling compost on the top of the soil like a carpet of goodness. No need to dig it in. For perennial beds, you’ll probably be working the layer of compost in when weeding time rolls around. If you’re growing annuals or veggies, the compost will mix with the soil while planting. However it happens, the compost adds to the soil fertility making your Good Earth into Better Earth.

Serve the Dressing on the Side

Beyond just flinging the compost, there’s more you can to get your garden up to speed in spring. Like what? Well, spring cleaning is more than just dispatching cobwebs in the kitchen. This is the time to tidy up outdoors and every step you take now can save a whole lot of backbreaking labor later. Add applying mulch to your spring chores, and your weeding time will be majorly reduced.

Coast of Maine has your back when it comes to reducing backaches. Their brilliant team came up with an eureka idea. Their concept for saving you labor was to add seaweed together with mulch for additional oomph. (When you come from Maine, you probably dream about seaweed.) That’s right: You can accomplish both chores with one dual-action fling. Got a newly dug bed that is just being established? Spread Coast of Maine’s Fundy Blend Organic Enriching Mulch & Seaweed between the plants to fill the gaps. You’ll be serving up nutrition to help them fill out while simultaneously dissuading weeds. It works like a charm, especially for new plantings or between young shrubs.

Supporting the Good Guys

This mulch/seaweed idea has long legs. We bet you can think of many applications. Tackling a challenge in a tricky space? Mulch is going to be your ally. Whether you are making a brave stab at a woodland garden or wrestling land to convert to natives, you need a layer of mulch to get the upper hand while your new plantings are becoming established.

Again, reach for the Fundy Blend of mulch and seaweed. It will help improve the fertility and structure of your soil while fighting back against the weeds and invasive bad guys. Got brave and ambitious projects on your “to do” list for this year? You need to partner with great soil to make them happen. Get out there and feed your soil.

Written by award winning author, Tovah Martin.  Photos also taken by Tovah Martin.  Find her books and more information on her website:

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