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Donna Kutil holds a bag of Quoddy Lobster Compost (photo form the Cape Cod Times)At Coast of Maine we have been doing business with Sandwich Agway for years and they do a great job merchandising Coast of Maine products.

They also care deeply about their local environment and embracing sustainable practices as a way to increase their business. They have joined the local Cape and Islands Green, a new pilot program that recognizes area companies for their efforts at improving their eco-friendliness.

In a recent article in the Cape Cod Times,  Donna Kutil has many quotes that are significant for all our garden centers.

“We’re supposed to be green — garden centers are the original green people,” said Donna Kutil, one of the business’ owners. “Our customers are really excited about it.”

“Our environment is our economy, really.”

“A lot of average consumers and a lot of small business owners are intimidated by measures that might come from environmental groups, whereas this is coming from the business community,” she said. “We don’t want it to be regulatory — we want it to be evolutionary.”

To read the full article, follow the link at:

And if you have local initiatives like this, Coast of Maine may be able to help you with promotion and product donations.

( The photo used in this article comes from the Cape Cod Times)

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