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Fish Bone Meal

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Fish Bone Meal Organic Plant Food for Buds & Blooms (5-13-0) with 18% Calcium


An exceptional organic fertilizer ideal for budding and blooming plants. Made from dehydrated fish bones, it is an excellent natural source of phosphorus, calcium, and nitrogen. OMRI Listed.


Product Highlight Features:

  • Promotes budding, flowering & fruiting.
  • Add to planting holes for flowering bulbs.
  • Perfect for fertilizing bulbs, vegetable gardens, container gardens and trees & shrubs.
  • NPK (5-13-0) with 18% Calcium.
  • Approved by organic growers.


Available in 3lb bags.


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Why Fish Bone Meal?

Pacific Whiting, or Merluccius productus, is a member of the hake family, one of the West Coast’s most important and well managed fisheries. Fish bone meal is a natural by-product of the processing of this catch and is made by dehydrating and grinding the bones into a meal. When used as a fertilizer, it is an excellent natural source of phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, essential minerals and trace elements. Coast of Maine Fish Bone Meal is preservative-free and we use it instead of traditional steamed bone meal in all our fertilizer blends.

How to Use

For great results outdoors, apply in the spring after the weather warms. Because phosphorus moves slowly through the soil, it’s important to work it in well as it is needed by the roots. You can increase the effectiveness of Fish Bone Meal by mixing in other organic materials such as compost. Water it in after applying. One pound equals 4 cups.

  • Bulbs – Add 1 tbs. per planting hole for medium-sized bulbs and mix with the soil.
  • Vegetable gardens – Use 8 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. and mix into the top 3” of soil.
  • Transplanting from containers – For 1 gallon pot size or less, add 1 tbs. per planting hole. For holes larger than 1 gallon, add 2 tbs. per planting hole. Mix into the soil and water-in after planting.
  • Outdoor container gardens – Mix 1/2 cup into 1 cubic foot of potting soil.
  • Trees and shrubs – Use 1 pound per 2 inches of trunk diameter around the drip line of the tree once yearly. Rake it into the soil.

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We’re Organic

This product is OMRI Listed for Organic Use. Our Organic Plant Food supplements, including Fish Bone Meal, are all single source fertilizers that comply with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) rules and are included in the NOP listing of all-natural, non-synthetic substances permitted in organic production. Caution: This product is non-toxic, but do not take internally, keep sealed, out of reach of children and pets and in a cool, dry place. Wash hands and exposed skin with soap and water after handling. This product meets the guidelines for metals adopted by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials. Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available at

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Bag Size

1 cubic foot, 2 cubic feet

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