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Phew! Welcome to the long, sizzling summer. If you’re identifying that the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof right now, just think how your plants feel. They’ve jumped the hoops through the heatwaves, they’ve been splashed by the hose several times daily, and they’ve been nearly drowned in multiple torrential thunderstorms. But they’ve weathered all those trials with relative good nature. Meanwhile, you need to support your plants while they keep calm and soldier on. Here’s how to help them shine.

Midsummer Makeovers

While you’ve been basking in your many moments in the sun, your houseplants have also been soaking up the beams. You were so busy having fun, you might not have noticed that potted plants have been growing luxuriantly. In fact, they might be looking like a hot mess right now. At best, they might be turning a little pale. Time for the salon treatment. First, get out the pruning shears and give your plants a neat bob. In midsummer, you can afford to chop away and they’ll still have time to recover before summer camp is over.

Next, check the root systems of your potted plants. It’s just a matter of giving the plant a nourishing drink of water and letting it soak in, then turn that plant upside down, tap it on a table edge, and let the rootball fall into your awaiting hand. Do you see a network of healthy roots wrapping around in the shape of the pot? Time to give that plant a graduation. Grab a bag of Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Organic Grower’s Mix and find a container that’s at least two inches larger than the previous container. You could even go an inch wider/deeper if you want the plant to make headway.

Food Glorious Food

Maybe you don’t want to give your houseplants larger pots. You might not have room in your home to host a plant with a larger footprint in winter, or maybe you don’t want to schlep something larger around. We sympathize. But you still want to give those plants some additional midsummer sustenance. Time to turn to fertilizer, and Coast of Maine’s Squid Concentrate All Natural Plant Food is just the ticket. Give your plants a serving diluted according to the label instructions. But don’t stop with the houseplants. Squid Concentrate Plant Food will also perk up your summer mixed containers that have been growing lustily for months. One application might not be enough. For a densely-packed pot, repeat the feast in a few weeks.

Got plants that are looking a little pale and hungry, but their roots haven’t filled the pot? If you’ve been watering heavily or if rainstorms have been thundering down, the soil might have been depleted of its oomph. They need a snack. Again, Squid Concentrate Plant Food is a good solution. Or, spoon on some Wiscasset Blend Earthworm Castings for some midsummer refreshments.

Raised Bed Rescue

Meanwhile, your raised beds have also been working overtime pumping out the produce. Maybe you’ve harvested a full crop of lettuce or bush beans and you’re thinking of investing that empty space in a crop of late season broccoli or planting more Swiss chard. You’ve still got time. Give that hardworking soil a helping hand with a thin layer of Coast of Maine Schoodic Blend Organic Composted Manure Blend.


Got raised beds overflowing with flowers? If you deadheaded regularly, they are probably still pumping out the blooms. Top-dressing with Schoodic Blend Organic Composted Manure Blend will keep those flowers coming. With the right tools, there’s no reason why your garden has to slip into a midsummer bummer. Keep it fed, and the show will go on!

Written by award winning author, Tovah Martin.  Photos also taken by Tovah Martin.  Find her books and more information on her website:

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