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Bumper Crop Organic Soil AmendmentEspecially formulated for vegetable crops, flowers, lawns and all general garden use.

All Natural

Worm Castings: Worm castings are full of biologically activated minerals and rich source of beneficial soil biology. Some describe it as “nature’s perfect plant food” and an exceptional form of humus.
Lobster & Crab Shells: Lobster and crab shells are rich in calcium and chitin to help make plants strong and disease resistant.
Kelp Meal: Kelp meal stimulates soil bacteria helping to increase soil fertility.
Dehydrated Poultry Manure: Dehydrated poultry manure is great for growing green and vigorous plants.
Peat Humus: Peat humus (the humified remains of sphagnum peat) is a highly organic material that loosens
clay soil and gives body to sandy soil.
Sphagnum Peat Moss: sSphagnum peat moss provides a stable environment for root growth and helps hold water and maintain pore space.
Aged Bark: Aged Bark provides organic matter in the form of well-aged northern softwood and bark adding structure and holding moisture.
Composted Cow Manure: Composted cow manure brings active biology and is rich in organic matter plant roots need.
Dolomitic Lime:Dolomitic Lime added to adjust pH.

Mycorrhizae are a natural occurring fungi (same family as mushrooms) which work in partnership with plant roots to help increase a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients and waters from the soil. The way they work
is a lot like the beneficial bacteria in our own digestive system. Plants inoculated early with mycorrhizae have a better chance of becoming more vigorous and fruitful.

There are two broad categories of mycorrhizal fungi, endo and ecto.

The endos penetrate plant root cells and colonize approximately 80% of the world’s plant species, including most vegetables, fruit trees, flowering plants and shrubs, grasses, legumes and many more.

The ectos live only on the exterior surface of the root and will colonize an additional 7% of the world’s plant species including most conifers and a few broadleaf trees such as oak, elm, poplar, birch and beech.

Benefits of Mycorrhizae
• 100% Natural and organic treatment (mycorrhizae are living organisms)
• Tried and tested by nature over more than 400 million years
• One off treatment that lasts the duration of a plants’ lifetime (when planting in final position)
• Easy and safe to apply
• Increased drought resistance and immunity to heat stress
• Decreased requirement for chemical fertilizers and pesticides
• Faster growth due to increased uptake of soil phosphorous
• Increased resistance to root diseases
• Improves soil structure on eroded or reclaimed sites or steep banks (helps bind soil together)
• Helps limit weed invasion (through improved soil structure)
• Increases plant diversity
• Increased root area, flowering & fruiting
• Increased survival rates of transplants and seedlings
• Can be applied to mature plants and trees
• Roots colonized by mycorrhizae take hold faster in newly planted plants

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