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Portland, Maine USA

Coast of Maine Organic Products launched a new webpage and YouTube channel today “Celebrating Independent Garden Centers.”

“We’ve done something special to support the Independent Garden Centers who have helped us distribute our lobster compost and other organically approved soils to gardeners throughout the Northeast,” said Cameron Bonsey, Director of Marketing. “It is their belief in our products that has enabled Coast of Maine to grow substantially in the last fifteen years. With all the changes in competition and marketing resources over that time we have seen many of these businesses struggle to survive. We saw this as an opportunity to take our marketing knowledge and do something to help each garden center market itself.

“We have spent a tremendous amount of time and resources in helping garden centers build and manage their Facebook pages and YouTube channels as a way to help them compete with businesses that have much larger budgets. In a sense, when they purchase our soil, we also become their Social Media agency free of charge.”

Coast of Maine Organic Products lobster based compost blends are distributed to independent retailers from Maine to North Carolina and west to Ohio.

“We have spent the last fifteen years providing hand-crafted, high-quality soils along with great customer service,” said Bonsey. “Now is the time for us to truly give something back. The reason customers come to independent garden centers is for knowledge and high quality, effective, unique products. Our videos, produced quickly and economically, convey the homespun uniqueness that makes each of these destinations worth visiting in person.”

For more information contact:
Cameron Bonsey
Director of Marketing
Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc
145 NewburyStreet
Portland, Maine 04101

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